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Nomination Process

IRF Members will be responsible for the nomination of companies, organisations or individuals.

An IRF Assessment Panel will then assess all the nominations to establish those that merit the Carolita Kallaur Safety Award.

The next award process will be in conjunction with the next IRF Conference, details of which will follow.

Assessment Panel

The assessment panel are representatives from each IRF Country.

This Panel will assess all nominations to ascertain they meet the desired criteria. A consensus, but not a unanimity decision will decide award winners.


Operator (Oil Company)
Mobile drilling rig owner
Contractor (including platform rig contractors and suppliers)
Agency, institution (including academic bodies)


For taking the initiative and giving safety leadership that results in a significant improvement in safety performance, improvement that has potential to be very effective in other offshore sectors.

Elements to be considered:

1. Initiative (not directly linked to commerce)
2. Element of safety leadership (performance beyond duty)
3. Outcome has been delivered (not based on predicted performance)
4. Significant improvement in safety performance achieved (can be demonstrated against a baseline)
5. Potentially very effective elsewhere (adds value to the sector)

These links will enable you to view previous award citations.

2010 Awards

2007 Awards

2005 Awards


IRF Member regulators.
Adverse conditions that might mean poor public perception.
Unsatisfactory record and/or relationship with the regulator.
Commercial products.



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