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2013 Conference

IRF Communiqué
Conference Summary

170 regulatory, industry and workforce representatives from 19 countries attended the 5th International Regulators’ Offshore Safety Conference in Perth, which provided an inimitable opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences and leverage that knowledge to improve global offshore safety standards.

During the course of the conference and the annual general meeting, the IRF agreed to continue to push industry to tackle persistent challenges including:

  • overcoming barriers to sharing data and lessons learned from offshore incidents
  • further understanding, explaining and promoting of a ‘process safety culture’
  • addressing the challenge of ensuring the competence of those working in, and leading, the industry
  • achieving meaningful engagement of all those working offshore
  • developing common international standards.


As the IRF works to prioritise process safety and prevent major offshore incidents, industry and regulators alike are encouraged to be open and share information.

The IRF thanks all those who attended and participated in the conference.


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