The International Regulators' Forum periodically hosts an Offshore Safety Conference. Regulatory officials from all nations with ongoing or proposed offshore oil and gas activity are invited to attend. The purpose is to share experiences and to compare differences in regulatory approach and safety performance.

2018 Conference
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IRF Sessions

PS1A - IRF Study on Safety Culture Indicators - Claudine Bradley - NEB

PS1A - Safe Choice overview - Culture and Conversations - Stephen Edwards - ExxonMobil

PS1A - Safety Culture - TOTALs Journey - Steve Rose - Total

PS1B - Big Data and Knowledge - Are we doing enough to prevent MAE - Mario Alonso - BH

PS1B - Knowledge sharing and Big Data - Colin Stuart - Queensland Government

PS1B - Knowledge sharing and Big Data - Derrick OKeeffe - NOPSEMA

PS3 - Maintaining Safe Operations - Results of a MultiNational audit - Walker HSE and Melleby PSA

PS4 - Improving on Safe Operational Transaction in Late Field Life - John Telform - EnQuest

PS4 - Improving on Safe Operational Transaction in Late Field Life - Marcelo Macedo - ANP

PS4 - Improving on Safe Operational Transaction in Late Field Life - Stale Tungesvik - Equinor

PS5 - Cyber threats and the petroleum industry - Ueland - PSA

PS5 - Digitalization in Oil and Gas - Qvam - Sintef DNV-GL

PS6 - Cyber Security Risk - John Pirie - HSE

PS7 - Risk Identification and Mitigation for New Technology - Doug Morris - BSEE

PS7 - Risk Identification and Mitigation for New Technology - Gregg Walz - Anadarko

PS7 - Risk Identificiation and Mitigationfor New Technology - Graeme Waters - NOPTA

PS8 - BOP - Industry X.0 - Zev Arnold - accenture

PS8 - BOP Reliability - an operators journey - Trent Fleece - BP

People Sessions

PS1 - The Disengagement of Statutory Instrument No.971 - Allan Smillie - TAQA

PS2 - Non-Technical Skills training and implementation - Crichton Moffat Roberts - PFC

PS4 - Safer Operations through Evidence Based Training - Rae and Flin

PS5 - Ask a Safety Rep - FitzGerald and Sheppard

PS7 - Inspiring the next generation and leadership with a passion for safety - Emma Bel - absafe

PS8 - A Learning Community Approach to Process Safety Competency - Deddis and Renton

Plant Sessions

PS1 - Internal Riser Inspections - Getting it right first time every time - Paul Wishart - BP

PS2 - Improving safety and increasing production through Non-Intrusive Inspection - Hollins Allison

PS3 - Bourbon Dolphin Tragedy - No scope for complacency post-Piper Alpha - Bruce Craig - Pinsent Masons

PS4 - Evolving performance with technology and the people in our operation - Mark Wilson - ConocoPh

PS6 - Operator Workbench - Claire Day - BP

PS7 - Optimising HAZOP Spend in Operations and Design - Conor Crowley - Atkins

Process Sessions

PS1 - Lessons in Collaboration - Laura Petrie - Ledingham Chalmers LLP

PS2 - Bow Ties in Risk Management - Charles Cowley - Energy Institute

PS3 - Major accident collision risk management of DynPos marine operations - Olav Saeter - Equinor

PS4 - Lessons have been learned or have they - Tony Gower-Jones - Tripod

PS5 - Perspectives on Addressing Cumulative Risk - Mansfield and Forster - ESR Technology

PS6 - The Safety Case For A New Generation - Gray and Gray - Burness Paull LLP

PS7 - Safety Case for Tomorrow - John Morgan - DNV-GL

PS8 - Ensuring critical knowledge and learning is retained for reuse across generations - DNV-GL

Plenary Sessions

Prevention of Major Accidents - Terry-Cooper-Total

What does the future have in store - Phil Kirk - Chrysaor

What does the future have in store (Safety 4.0) - Malcolm Banks - OGTC

What does the future have in store (UKCS Workforce Dynamics Review) - John McDonald - OPITO

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